We are inventors. We seek new solutions to new problems. From blazing-fast processors to global networking standards, the outputs of our efforts shape how the world connects.

These aren't just products, they're the future.

Every product we share with the world is designed to redefine what's possible. To see this philosophy come to life, look no further than the enhanced speed, efficiency, power and connectivity provided by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ mobile platforms and LTE modems.

Smartphones and Tablets

Mobility is life without limits. From connectivity to computing, our innovations mark major milestones in the evolution of mobile—in the freedom to go and do. The first 3G phone call ever made. The first global mobile Internet solution for notebooks. The first processor to break speeds of 1GHz. And we continue to invent and invest in the mobile technology breakthroughs that support billions of connections between people and the things they care about.


True connectivity brings us together with the people and things that truly matter. Our technologies create and power the networks that billions of people and devices rely on to connect at home, work and virtually everywhere in between. And as demand for connectivity grows, we’re on the cutting-edge of creating fast, reliable networks for people everywhere.


Inside the car is where the always-connected lifestyle intersects with true mobility. That’s why we’re revolutionising the relationship between your car and your digital life. As a key player in the connected car programmes of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers for more than a decade, and with tens of millions of our connected cars in operation worldwide, our technology is raising the bar for an in-car experience on the road that’s safer, more integrated and more connected.

Health Care

Your health is one of your most important assets. Our health care platforms connect the key components of your health like biomedical data, medication management, coaching tools, and the simple, secure storage and sharing of your data to help you and your health care team make the best decisions for your health.


The wearable device is technology at its most personal. We support some of the most cutting-edge wearable experiences with our advanced technologies in multiple wearable devices. From tracking your health to improving how you stay connected and communicate, we’re pioneering the next frontier of your truly digital lifestyle.

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